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Szanowni Państwo z przyjemnością informujemy, że firmy Hypred Polska Sp. z o.o. oraz Anti-Germ Polska Sp. z o.o. przygotowały plan połączenia spółek. Szczegółowe warunki prawne zostały określone w planie połączenia, który udostępniamy pod poniższym linkiem plan połączenia

New development operation for HYPRED in Brazil

Dinard, 13 September 2017 – Hypred, a world leader in biosecurity solutions and expert in food safety, announces its collaboration with the company G3 Química, a Brazilian biosecurity player, as well as the construction of its own factory in Brazil which will produce high added-value hygiene and disinfection solutions for the Brazilian market on-site.

Brazil is the 3rd largest biosecurity market in the world after the United States and Europe. The demand for hygiene and disinfection products there is very high. Already present in Porto Alegre through commercial and distribution activities, Hypred will now have its own production site and storage building, and will therefore be in a better position to meet the needs of its Brazilian clients, particularly in terms of higher end products and meeting higher standards.

The Hypred factory will produce solutions for agriculture – dairy, pig and poultry farming – but also for the food industry.

Currently under construction in Lajeado, a town located about 100km from Porto Alegre in a fast-growing region at the heart of one of country’s most important agricultural regions, the Hypred factory in Brazil will begin production during the first half of 2018.

This establishment in Brazil, through a collaboration with the company G3 Química, represents an additional step in Hypred’s international development and its expansion into South America.

Over the past four months, Hypred has already integrated the company Antigerm and bought LCB Food Safety, two specialists in biosecurity, in order to create a group with the critical size and ability to establish itself in its markets and assist its clients all over the world.

As part of this partnership, the current managing director of Hypred in Brazil, Marcio Malagrino, will lead all of the two companies’ activities. Joel Borstel, the current owner of G3 Química, will continue to develop and distribute the brand in Brazil.

Sébastien Bossard, CEO of Hypred, states: “We are thrilled to be collaborating with G3 Química, Joel Borstel and his teams. This coming together allows us to have our own industrial site in this country and therefore to accelerate our development in Brazil. This establishment is the ideal base for gaining market share in a country where players in the agricultural and food sectors are seeking new and more technological biosecurity solutions, resulting in better food safety for consumers.”


Dinard, 6 September 2017 – Almost four months after its merger with Antigerm, Hypred announces the acquisition of 100% of the capital of LCB Food Safety, a company formerly owned by Patrick la Chesnais, Unigrains and Sofimac Partners. Following this operation, the new company will have a turnover of approximately 200 million euros.

Supported in the acquisition by its major shareholder, the investment company Ardian, Hypred confirms its role as a major player in the ongoing consolidation of the sector, and increasingly asserts its position as a leader in bio-safety solutions and an expert in food safety, with its constant approach to social responsibility and consideration of public health challenges.

Supplier of turnkey hygiene solutions, present at all stages of the food process, LCB Food Safety is the world leader in surface disinfection by ultradiffusion, with its advanced technology and its unique active ingredient diffusion process for food safety. LCB FOOD SAFETY develops solutions which reduce waste, improving animal well-being while optimizing competitivity in the value chain, from farm to fork.

Since 2015, LCB Food Safety has operated from a 7500m2 industrial site at Boz (Ain), near Macon, and in 2016, the company recorded a turnover of 10 million euros.

The acquisition involves three key areas of interest for Hypred:

  • it enables the expansion of its range of hygiene and disinfection solutions with high value-added products, mainly based around ultradiffusion, a unique technology developed by LCB Food Safety.
  • it provides access to new markets, as LCB Food Safety has developed advanced skills and knowledge in agriculture, poultry and pig farming, as well as in the food industry, more particularly in the fields of industrial baking, cheese-making plants, and meat production.
  • it reinforces its access to international business opportunities, as LCB Food Safety has a presence in more than 40 countries, mainly through its network of distributors.

Sébastien Bossard, CEO of Hypred, states, “The incorporation of the LCB Food Safety team within our group marks a significant new stage in our development. This acquisition allows us to consolidate our responsible approach to challenges in society, public health and environmental impact. This company, whose values we share, will bring us a major new technology which represents a great competitive advantage in our markets. The commercial prospects of ultradiffusion are promising and we will largely capitalise on the products associated with it to strengthen our service offering but also our expertise in food safety. LCB Food Safety is a “spark of energy” and we welcome them into the very heart of our group.”

Patrick de la Chesnais, CEO of LCB Food Safety, adds, “As LCB Food Safety has been going through a phase of strong international development for several years with our FUMAGRI® poultry and pig farming and ULTRAD® food production industry brands, it was considered by myself and my joint shareholders, Unigrains and Sofimac, that Hypred would be the ideal partner to help rapidly strengthen our position in the field of food safety. With our common values and our complementary technology, product ranges and activity sectors, our teams will be able to co-operate with the Hypred structure in order to convince industrialists and the food distribution world to actively contribute to consumer health in response to a major Public Health issue: “We are what we eat.”.”

To find out more about ultradiffusion visit:


About the new group created by Hypred and Antigerm

Created in 1985, Hypred has a strong industrial expertise in the formulation, production and marketing of bio-safety, disinfection and hygiene solutions for food production professionals, as well as disinfection, hygiene and animal feed supplements in agriculture.

Hypred is now present in more than 40 countries and employs more than 400 personnel. Hypred benefits from first-class industrial facilities, enabling it to work with clients throughout the world. It has its own or partner production sites in, amongst others, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Turkey and the United States. In 2016, Hypred recorded a turnover of more than 100 million euros.

In April 2017, Antigerm joined Hypred. Founded in 1938, Antigerm is a European leader in the supply of bio-safety solutions, particularly in hygiene and disinfection in the food, drink and agricultural markets. Antigerm is also involved in water disinfection with its market leading subsidiaries, Medentech and Aquatabs. Antigerm is present in 16 countries worldwide and has 8 industrial sites in its own right or in partnership, in France, Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Ireland, China and Turkey. In 2016, Antigerm recorded a turnover of 80 million euros.

The new group formed by the merger of Hypred and Antigerm aims to become the leader in bio-safety solutions, ensuring the best performance for the end-user. ;

About LCB Food Safety

Created in 1963, LCB Food Safety acts as a food safety expert and recommends and provides turnkey hygiene solutions at every stage of the food chain using an integrated approach from “farm to fork”. LCB Food Safety has around 50 employees and is operational in more than 40 countries, largely through a distribution network and its three subsidiaries. LCB is the world leader in Aerial Surface Disinfection and benefits from its own internal, innovative and unique technology, ultradiffusion®. Since 2015, LCB has operated from its own 7500m2 modern industrial site in Boz, near Macon. In 2012, Unigrains and Sofimac Partners took a minority shareholding in the company, with the major objective of accelerating the development of international business activities.





Hypred owner Ardian aims to create the world’s third-largest biosecurity company


Dinard (France) and Memmingen (Germany), 5th April 2017 – Hypred and Anti-Germ today announce that they will combine to create the world’s third-largest provider of disinfection, hygiene and animal supplement solutions to the food and agricultural industry. The newly created company will have turnover of more than €180 million.


Sébastien Bossard, Hypred CEO, will lead the new group. The combination process, to take place in the coming months, will be jointly overseen by the management teams of Hypred and Anti-Germ, with the support of Hypred shareholder Ardian, the independent private investment company.


This represents an important step in the ambition of Ardian and management teams to participate in the ongoing consolidation of the biosecurity industry, both in Europe and the rest of the world. This project began with Ardian’s purchase of Hypred in October 2016.


By bringing together two key players, the new company will achieve the scale necessary to satisfy both increasing regulatory requirements and changing customer needs, and thus benefit fully from steady and resilient growth in the market. There is an increasing focus on the prevention of epidemics, reduction in the use of antibiotics, and the meeting of traceability and productivity requirements, which have in part driven raised safety standards.


Hypred and Anti-Germ are ideally suited for a combination project, in terms of geography, customers and sectors, as well as product and technological offerings and solid commercial, industrial and technological expertise.


Geographically, the new group will have a strengthened European presence with wider coverage and a denser network. At present, Hypred is strongest in Western and Southern Europe, and Anti-Germ in Central and Eastern Europe. The combination will also increase global exposure to promising markets such as Asia, South America and the United States. This global presence is a major asset that will enable the group to support customers wherever they are in the world.


The new group will also have a wider product offering, providing a broad range of services to both existing and potential customers. Enhanced investment and innovation capabilities will boost research and development, while the pooling of regulatory skills and knowledge as well as best-practice customer service will also benefit the new group.


Before the combination takes effect, Ardian and the management teams will undertake several months of analysis to determine the optimum future structure of the company.


Matthias Kötter, Anti-Germ CEO, said: “Our constant desire to innovate, particularly since the arrival of Paragon Partners as a shareholder, has made Anti-Germ a leading provider of hygiene services to the agriculture, food and beverage industries. As we continue on this path of development, we are very pleased to partner with Hypred, one of the key players in our sector.


“The new structure will provide us with greater industrial, technological and commercial expertise. We are proud that the employees of Anti-Germ, the real drivers of the company’s success, will be part of the world’s third largest biosecurity company. Our management team, working with Hypred and supported by Ardian, are determined to form the new company in the best possible way and will keep all employees closely informed of progress in the coming months.”


Sébastien Bossard, Hypred CEO, added: “This combination project is a landmark in our company’s history. Hypred is a great industrial success story, and this success will continue as we work alongside another key player in our sector, rightly hailed for its wide range of knowledge and skills. Together, we will build a stronger company, able to effectively penetrate new markets, to design new and ever more innovative solutions, and to work with our customers wherever they are in the world. We will conduct this combination process in the coming months in close collaboration with the Anti-Germ and Ardian teams, with the end goal of creating the best organisation possible for the future company and its employees.”


Thibault Basquin, Managing Director, Ardian Mid Cap Buyout, added: “This combination project is in line with our strategy, launched last October when we acquired Hypred, to play a major role in the ongoing consolidation of the biosecurity market. We wanted to enable Hypred to accelerate its international growth and expand its expertise, particularly through acquisitions in complementary geographies or sectors. This is clearly the case here, with two groups which complement each other extremely well. We will support the new company as it continues the growth of its predecessors.”


The proposed transaction remains subject to the approval of the relevant combination control authorities.



About Anti-Germ

Founded in 1938, Anti-Germ is a European leader in the provision of disinfection and biosecurity solutions especially for the food, beverage and agricultural markets.

Anti-Germ is also involved in the disinfection of water with its brand Medentech.

Anti-Germ is present in 16 countries worldwide and has 8 industrial sites in France, Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Ireland, China and Turkey.

In 2016, Anti-Germ achieved a turnover of €80 million.


About Hypred 

Established in 1985, HYPRED benefits from solid industrial expertise in the formulation, production and marketing of biosecurity, disinfection and hygiene solutions for the food industry and agriculture professionals.

HYPRED is present in more than 40 countries and employs more than 400 people. HYPRED benefits from first-class industrial facilities which enable it to work with its customers throughout the world. Its own production sites or partners are located, among others, in France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Turkey, United States and South Africa. In 2016, HYPRED achieved a turnover of more than €100 million.


About Ardian

Founded in 1996 and headed by Dominique Senequier, Ardian is an independent private investment firm that advises and/or manages $60 billion of assets in Europe, North America and Asia. The company, which is majority-owned by its employees, has always placed entrepreneurial spirit at the heart of its approach and offers its international investors investment performance while participating in the growth of companies around the world. Ardian’s investment philosophy is based on three pillars: excellence, loyalty and entrepreneurship.

Ardian relies on a solid international network, with more than 450 employees working in twelve offices in Paris, London, Frankfurt, Milan, Madrid, Zurich, New York, San Francisco, Beijing, Singapore, Jersey and Luxembourg. The company offers its 580 investors a diversified selection of funds covering the entire asset class, with Ardian Fund of Funds (primary, early secondary and secondary), Ardian Private Debt, Ardian Buyout (including Ardian Mid Cap Buyout Europe & North America, Ardian Expansion, Ardian Growth and Ardian Co-Investment), Ardian Infrastructure, Ardian Real Estate and Ardian Mandates.

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  • Ardian/Hypred France

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zmiana akcjonariusza Hypred

Z dumą pragniemy poinformować, że w firmie Hypred z dniem 1 listopada 2016 nastąpi zmiana głównego akcjonariusza. Poprzedniego właściciela – Grupę Roullier, zastąpi niezależny fundusz inwestycyjny Ardian.


Przejęcie przez fundusz pozwoli nam kontynuować rozwijanie naszej strategii opartej na inwestycjach, rozbudowywaniu struktur międzynarodowych, a także rozwoju obecnych rozwiązań technologicznych w zakresie bezpieczeństwa biologicznego (detergenty i środki dezynfekujące) oraz suplementów diety przeznaczonych dla zwierząt hodowlanych. Konsekwentne wykonywanie zakładanej strategii usytuuje nas wśród liderów na rynku w przemyśle rolno-spożywczym.


Ponadto nasze aktywności będą również obejmować poszerzanie działalności opartej na przejęciach firm z określonych sektorów oraz obszarów. Pierwszym, kluczowym dla nas projektem będzie odnowienie centrum badań i rozwoju w Dinard, które swoim zakresem obejmuje laboratoria badawcze oraz pomieszczenia przeznaczone na testy. Zakończenie tej inwestycji planowane jest na rok 2017.


HYPRED podczas swojej 30 letniej działalności został spozycjonowany wśród liderów na rynku Europejskim. Dalsza strategia rozwoju wyznaczona przez nowego właściciela w partnerstwie z ambitnymi, oddanymi pracownikami gwarantuje dalszy rozwój HYPRED na arenie międzynarodowej.


Współpraca z Adrian pozwoli nam skupić się na wykonaniu wyznaczonych nam projektów zgodnie z wartościami, które wspólnie sobie założyliśmy.