Research on display at Microbiology Society meeting Microbiomes Underpinning Agriculture

Our research into products for foot bathing in dairy cows was displayed this week at ‘Microbiomes Underpinning Agriculture’, a meeting of the Microbiology Society which focussed on the importance of understanding the varied microbiomes which influence the health and productivity of soils, plants and animals.  Our KTP Associate, Dr Maeve Palmer, and Queen’s University Belfast student, Sofia Souirji Gomez (MSc Parasite and Pathogen Biology), attended the conference to present a poster summarising a pilot trial which showed that variation in the physical properties of cow manure can affect how well foot bathing disinfectant products perform against different types of bacteria.  This finding has implications for the testing of future foot bathing products and could also affect how foot baths should be managed on farm.  As the next stage of this research involves examining whether the performance of the disinfectants is also affected by the mixture of bacteria in the cow manure (the microbiome), attendance at the meeting was also a fantastic opportunity to learn about new developments in microbiology and microbiome analysis.

click here to see the summary of a pilot trial : Poster Microbiology Meeting