Our recommendations at the service of your performance

Simply choosing a hygiene product or a nutritional supplement does not mean that you will obtain effective cleaning, reduce the multiplication of pathogenic agents or ensure the productivity of your animals.

We are true experts and we consider that only a global approach guarantees satisfactory, long-lasting efficiency to:

  • strengthen and secure the quality of your production
  • optimise your cleaning and disinfection methods
  • favour your energy and/or water savings
  • improve your economic performance
  • ensure the good health of your animals.

After identifying your needs and expectations with you we design a unique global solution, specific to your business and perfectly incorporated into your production or processing procedure. Our mutual objective is to optimise your performance.

Our teams’ expertise is based on field knowledge of your business, your expectations and constraints. We also have decision-making computer tools specific to HYPRED and adapted to the particular characteristics of your sector of activity. Each recommendation is reasoned and well-argued.

Our desire is to consider hygiene challenges as a consistent, effective whole.