A consultancy service in the true spirit of partnership

Our task does not stop with the implementation of a cleaning and disinfection protocol. Our teams are involved with you and provide you with advice in a true spirit of partnership.

This consultancy acts at various levels:

  • With regard to the cleaning protocol: you receive support directly on site from our local technical and commercial teams, experts in your business sector:
    • To select, adapt and develop your method of cleaning-disinfection
    • To resolve problems encountered in the production chain or on the farm.
  • With regard to regulations: we inform you about all regulatory developments. We make available to you all the essential information and documents concerning our hygiene solutions, the use of our products and safety measures.
  • With regard to nutritional supplementation: we recommend the nutritional supplements that will cover your animals depending on their physiology. We suggest a programme that is easy to implement to reinforce their health and optimise their performance.

Our ambition is to give you advice that corresponds to your expectations.