Analysis, support and regular monitoring

Analysis of parameters to control efficacy and regular monitoring for constant performance

There is more to this than setting up a cleaning and disinfection plan. It is crucial to check its efficacy regularly.

The challenge is not solely to diagnose and correct.

Temperature, mechanical action, concentration and contact time … so many parameters assessed regularly to check adherence to good hygiene practices.

Our teams provide regular, meticulous monitoring which is essential for:

  • ensuring the continued high quality level of foodstuffs produced by farmers or processed by industrialists and catering professionals,
  • measuring the results provided by the recommended solutions,
  • anticipating production or processing incidents by regularly evaluating the correct application of cleaning and disinfection protocols.

Our task is to stand beside you in the constant search for performance.

We also consider that our commitment is to make available the expertise of our teams to identify the source of an incident (defective equipment, incorrect dose, unsatisfactory application of the cleaning and disinfection protocol, etc.) and to resolve it.

Our challenge is to anticipate, detect and improve.