Hygiene in the meat industry

 Hygiene solutions for each meat trade


The extremely varied meat industry must meet strict quality and hygiene requirements. So many constraints which are food safety guarantees. In this context our aim is both simple and uncompromising: to help you maintain a high food quality level.

Given that each industrial environment is unique, we adapt to you, to your organisation and your problems.


We provide cleaning or industrial services for the meat network and are committed to providing you with a global view of your performance management, relying on our Audit approach. This is an approach that enables us to provide you with the best solution for your needs: recommendations, advice, training courses, regular monitoring and analyses.

Our objective is to enable you to concentrate on your core business. In concrete terms, our teams ensure that recommended solutions along with good hygiene and disinfection practices are put in place. Entirely integrated into the processing procedures, these solutions also generate added value and performance. And this is on several levels: guarantee of hygiene quality, water and energy savings, simplification of cleaning-disinfection procedures, etc.


HYPRED expertise is based on knowledge of the business and on the industrial restrictions regarding meat. The innovations developed by our R&D Department make it possible to provide the best possible response to your specific needs:

  • those related to the various meat processing workshops: cooking and smoking, knife washing, etc.
  • those related to the activity: abattoirs, cutting, preparation of ready meals, etc.

Our commitment: to guarantee you efficiency while remaining close to you.

Our technical advisers and technical sales representatives, experts in your sector, support you daily in preventing or resolving possible problems linked to hygiene.

The HYFOOD range

for the meat processing industry


The HYFOOD range deploys a range of high-performance hygiene products, formulated and developed by our R&D. This complete range is made up of acid and alkaline detergents, detergent/disinfectants and safe biocide products.


HYFOOD obviously enables us to meet the hygiene and disinfection requirements of the meat industry. But not only that.

HYFOOD has also been developed to be consistent with our global approach to performance. For us, cleaning and disinfection efficiency is, of necessity, accompanied by the optimisation of the consumption of water, time and product.


Our HYFOOD range therefore represents an effective solution every day for the specific expectations of your activity (abattoir, cutting, preparation of ready meals) and for the contamination that must be removed (proteins, grease, colouring agents, etc.). It should be noted that HYFOOD detergents and disinfectants are classified according to their use:

  • a main application for each product (surfaces, CIPs, washing tunnels, membrane installations, etc.)
  • a main application (detergent, biocide, optimisation, detergent/biocide).

In addition, fighting food contamination by Listeria and acting against the development of biofilms are part of our taks.


You will achieve these goals by using our approved disinfection solutions and/or by using our enzyme cleaning solutions.

In particular, with our HYPRED by REALCO range, we can:

  • easily diagnose the presence of biofilms on surfaces or in circuits.
  • recommend a suitable procedure for removing the biofilm polysaccharide chain and then eradicating the bacteria present.


The HYFOOD range, a partner of HYPRED, enables you to:

  • obtain better efficacy
  • guarantee clear legibility for the use of products
  • respect the integrity of equipment, materials and surfaces.

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Use biocides carefully. Before use, read the labels and information related to the product.



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