Professional kitchens

Hygiene in professional kitchens

The constant search for quality in catering

Whether you are responsible for a central kitchen or a preparation laboratory for mass-market retailing, the constant search for quality and flavours is a continuously evolving objective. Working beside HYPRED ensures hygiene expertise in terms of product effectiveness and stringent monitoring:

  • critical point analysis
  • recommendation of solutions and a hygiene plan
  • training
  • monitoring of the application of best practices.


Training, informing, recommending the most suitable solution for the working environment and constraints… Just like you, the HYPRED teams are motivated by the desire to make constant improvements to all the manufacturing stages and to make the procedure even safer, so as to provide consumers with products of faultless quality.

The HYCOOK range

for catering

Each sector of activity has cleaning requirements and practices which are specific to that sector. This is obviously the case for you, as people responsible for central kitchens and preparation laboratories for medium and large supermarkets. It is for this reason that our R&D Department developed HYCOOK, a complete range of hygiene solutions exclusively designed for your activities.


Scouring agents, disinfectant degreasers, gentle detergents, and professional floor cleaners, etc. We place performance at the level of the results and their quality. Specifically this approach enables you to save time. By anticipating and thus preventing at-risk situations, you can then concentrate on your core business.

To support you daily in this search for qualitative, pragmatic efficacy, we make Specifications Sheets, Safety Data Sheets and Simplified Safety Instructions available to you.

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Use biocides carefully. Before use, read the labels and information related to the product.


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