Hygiene in the drinks industry

Our hygiene expertise

at the service of drinks manufacturers


Wines, beers, fruit juices, fizzy drinks, sparkling waters, etc. Products in the drinks industry require varied, suitable and effective hygiene solutions that are up to their standards.


We offer solutions that generate added value and profitability at several levels: guaranteed hygiene quality, water and energy savings, simplification of cleaning-disinfection procedures, and so on. The commitment we make is to optimise performance for our customers.

To do this, our teams of technical hygiene consultants, specialised technical sales representatives and Market Managers will support you by regular monitoring of your cleaning procedures and will provide you with HYPRED technical and technological expertise.

The HYFOOD range

for the drinks industry


Specific solutions for a specific environment. To meet the health requirements for industrial drinks our R&D Department has developed a complete range of hygiene products, the HYFOOD range.

The HYFOOD range, with all its products, provides you will efficient solutions for cleaning and disinfection of conveyor belts, filling machines, tanks, etc.


HYFOOD enables you to clean and disinfect, and also to optimise your entire procedure. Our products have, in fact, been designed to ensure water and energy savings, amongst other things.

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Use biocides carefully. Before use, read the labels and information related to the product.


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