Hygiene in the dairy industry

Our hygiene solutions are sources of added value


Industrial milk producers, the hygiene challenges in your sector are as crucial in terms of food safety as they are for competitiveness. We are conscious of this and offer you hygiene solutions which can be fully incorporated into your processing procedures. They also contribute to increasing added value and to the performance of your company: a guarantee of hygiene quality, water and energy savings, simplification of cleaning-disinfection protocols, prevention of at-risk situations, etc.

HYPRED expertise is based on real knowledge of your profession and the constraints in your sector. Our task is to guarantee you the efficacy of our solutions.


Our R&D department, pragmatic and focused on developments experienced in the field, is constantly developing innovations which meet the specific constraints of processors, such as:

  • single-phase cleaning of CIPs
  • a solution for replacing the alkaline alternation intended to prevent the sticking effect in cheese making. It optimises cleaning time and reduces production losses
  • Phosphorus-free products for all type of cheese technology (soft, pressed, cooked cheese, etc.)

Since there is no point in expertise without regular monitoring, our technical consultants in hygiene and our technical sales representatives will provide you with technical as well as technological expertise and will be beside you to deal with all the everyday problems. We are your partner.


Our consultants provide regular monitoring of cleaning-disinfection protocols by noting the consumption of hygiene products and taking samples on your industrial site. These samples make it possible to assess the quality of hygiene practices and prevent any deviation very quickly. Prevention is a golden rule for HYPRED. It avoids the need to stop a production line to resolve an incident.

The HYFOOD range

Solutions suitable for your industrial activity


Specific requirements need special solutions. Our R&D Department designed the HYFOOD range in this spirit. It provides the ideal answer to cleaning and disinfection requirements specific to the dairy industry.


Drinking milk, cheese, butter and cream… In the HYFOOD range you will find all the solutions suitable for your industrial activity. HYFOOD detergents and disinfectants are classified according to their use and, in fact, cover every need with:

  • products adapted to each application (surface, washing tunnel, concentrator, CIPs, etc.)
  • a main application per product (detergent, biocide, optimisation, detergent/biocide).


Beyond hygienic performance, HYPRED has developed exclusive measurement and optimisation systems allowing for significant reductions in the consumption of product, water and energy. Why? Because we are convinced that only consistent action at the various workstations enables your expertise to be enhanced.

With our range of HYPRED by REALCO products, alternation of chemical and enzyme cleaning will allow you to obtain better performance, particularly for the cleaning of membrane filtration systems.

Working with HYPRED and the HYFOOD range means:

  • obtaining better efficacy in achieving food safety objectives
  • limiting the risk of resistance developing in the microflora
  • respecting the integrity of equipment, materials and surfaces
  • guaranteeing that your protocols are compliant with the biocide regulation

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Use biocides carefully. Before use, read the labels and information related to the product.


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