Animal nutrition

The HY-DIET range,

express your animals’ potential

Strengthening defence capacities and reducing the risk of animal health problems are the objectives we help you to achieve with our HY-DIET programme. Our nutritional solutions support your animals’ metabolism at key periods: birth, drying off, reproduction, weaning, etc. They cover specific needs and provide you with greater productivity whilst preserving the animals’ health, a guarantee of profitability.

You will find the supplement that meets your nutritional objectives (e.g. prevention of the risk of milk fever) in our HY-DIET programme.

Our nutritional supplements come in various forms (powders, gels, boluses, etc.) suitable for specific uses and the age of your animals.

Take advantage of our capacity for innovation with our cattle boluses

Our Research & Development Department has developed a unique formula for the design of our boluses. Patented, with controlled effervescence, they release the necessary nutrient intakes in accordance with controlled disintegration.

Our range is clearly defined depending on the disintegration duration: BOLITRACE, BOLIFAST, BOLIFLASH:

  • fast disintegration to make nutrients immediately available in the intestine
  • controlled release disintegration to provide a constant nutrient intake without the risk of saturating the absorption capacity of the intestine.

The combination of two pharmaceutical formulations of bolus makes it possible to control the dose of nutrients to be released in the targeted animal.

With our cattle boluses:

  • Limit your ruminants’ stress with one simple, fast application
  • Optimise the capacity and kinetics of intestinal absorption

In this way you have a nutritional supplementation programme adapted to the specific needs of your cows: facilitate the expression of heat, improve fertility, prepare dry cows for calving and the start of lactation.

Hydiet nutrition cycle

Our STARTER range

to ensure a good start for your calves


In the form of gels or powders, our aim is to optimise a good start for your calves. For this we propose:

  • preventive solutions to provide energy and iron, strengthening immunity for a safe start to life
  • targeted solutions to rehydrate calves and protect the intestine during digestive disorders (e.g. neonatal diarrhoea)

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