Animal Hygiene

Our expertise:

Creating added value on the farm

Our objective is to support the stakeholders in animal networks (producers of milk, meat, eggs, etc.) in order to obtain the highest quality, for which the best price is paid.

Since it was founded, HYPRED has anticipated the modernisation of animal networks with regular innovations for all species: from dairy cows to ewes not to mention cattle, pigs, poultry and goats.

Our solutions provide you with added value and are a part of the biosecurity for your farms, which involves a global hygiene strategy.  This global hygiene and disinfection strategy includes a complete range of alkaline, acid and neutral detergents combined with many disinfectants (with peracetic acid, chlorine dioxide, iodine, etc. as the base) intended for the cleaning and disinfection of your animals, farms and milking machines, whether they are conventional or robotic.

We work beside you to implement our protocols with which you can anticipate the risks of microbiological contamination. Acting upstream falls within the same logic we use to develop nutritional supplements for your animals. These aim to cover their metabolic needs with a specific nutrient intake at key periods in their production cycle.

Our nutritional range reinforces our promise, namely to optimise your farms’ performance through:

  • the quality of production: milk, meat, etc.
  • cost optimisation: water saving, reduction in treatments, etc.

We will provide you with this performance thanks to an effective, reliable partnership, based on:

  • our knowledge of animal networks, your expectations and your constraints
  • our innovations which incorporate agricultural challenges (animal welfare, respect for the environment, antibiotic resistance, etc.)
  • our European and international regulatory expertise

As we are close to your market and focused on consumer demand, our solutions are compatible with organic farming and meet Halal requirements.

Udder hygiene

in dairy farming

Prevent mastitis!

Protecting the udder means preventing the risk of mastitis and preserving milk quality. Udder disinfection is essential for optimising the performance of your cows.

We offer you specific solutions for each stage of milking to achieve the objectives you have set.

  • Before milking: cleaning and disinfecting the teats using a spray or foam followed by wiping the teats prepares them for milking
  • During milking: disinfection during milking plays a strong part in preventing mastitis by eliminating the risks of cross-contamination.
  • After milking: dipping the teats after milking encourages the sphincter to close and thus prevents bacterial contamination.

Your winning combination is as follows:

  • approved disinfectant products which are formulated with different active molecules to meet each of your constraints
  • cosmetic products to look after the skin of the teats

Milking equipment


Our hygiene solutions for conventional and robotic milking systems

With our HYPRED method, everything has been considered to optimise your performance. In fact, between each milking it is essential to provide cleaning and disinfection of the wash cloths and the milking machines.

For this our complete range of alkaline and acid detergents, along with high performance disinfectants suitable for your constraints, will enable you to preserve milk quality in the best way possible.

Furthermore, HYPRED has a range of products specially designed for your milking system, whether it is conventional or robotic.

The HYPRED method adapted to the dairy cow

Farm hygiene for

cattle, goats, pigs and sheep.

Our hygiene solutions reinforce farm biosecurity

  • Protection of animals’ skin and hooves

We offer you solutions to prevent the risk of lameness or skin infections. These also help to reinforce the quality and integrity of tissues. With these actions your animals will experience better well-being and express higher zootechnical performance.

  • Cleaning and disinfection of farm buildings

Maintaining a high level of farm biosecurity involves an effective hygiene protocol, which will reduce the bacterial pressure in premises and help to establish a healthy environment.

The walls and floors are potential reservoirs for the pathogenic agents responsible for mastitis, neonatal diarrhoea, etc.

Cleaning and disinfection of buildings should be combined with disinfection of the water as well as maintenance of pipework, in order to make satisfactory quality water available.

After visiting your farm, we will recommend the most relevant hygiene solutions for keeping your animals in a healthy environment.


for small equipment

Prevent contamination from the equipment

Providing farm biosecurity involves perfect disinfection of all the equipment used.

Any fault in the upkeep of treatment tools, small equipment (e.g. ladles, cheese moulds, etc.) or vehicles may transform them into pathogen vectors that will contaminate your animals and their environment.

Our teams are available to advise you on the most effective cleaning and disinfection protocol.

The HY-GIEN FARM range

for efficacy on the farm


A complete range for farm hygiene

Our HY-GIEN FARM range includes detergents and disinfectants, the activities of which meet all the requirements for efficacy and use on the farm.

In the HY-GIEN FARM range you will find hygiene solutions developed by HYPRED for various day-to-day uses possible on the farm:

  • Dipping, foam or sprays for teats before and after milking
  • Milking plants: milk tank, milk line, teat cup liners, etc.
  • Surfaces: walls, floors, maternity boxes, etc.
  • Foot baths

Our products are designed to facilitate their daily use in complete safety.

HYPRED offers you equipment and robots which facilitate and optimise the application of our products at the right dose and without waste:

  • PerfoDose robot for fast disinfection of milking clusters between the milking of two successive animals. It is used with Perfo Grif thanks to a dosing pump which provides automatic, precise dilution of the product.
  • Quick Spray System robot for excellent spraying of our product HYPRED Quick Spray and optimum teat disinfection before and/or after milking.
  • Foam gun

Our common objective:

  • to control milk quality
  • reduce the frequency of infectious disorders
  • ensure your herd’s longevity

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Use biocides carefully. Before use, read the labels and information related to the product.

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