Our approach

To be your partner, we must meet your common objective: provide a product of the highest quality, under optimum conditions.


Our history of more than 30 years in global hygiene management, recently complemented by a range of nutritional supplements for animals, demonstrates that HYPRED can help you achieve your goal through its prevention methods:

  • Preventing risks in livestock farming (hygiene and animal welfare)
  • Preventing risks with industrial tools (hygiene and productivity)
  • Preventing risks in the kitchen or preparation workshop (hygiene)

We bring you the expertise of our teams, all specialists in their fields; they will recommend the best solutions, provide advice and regular monitoring to continually improve your performance.

We also want to share our know-how by guaranteeing training that is tailored to your needs and to your market. By strengthening your skills, we will meet consumers’ expectations, together.



Our recommendations at the service of your performance

Simply choosing a hygiene product or a nutritional supplement does not mean that you will obtain effective cleaning, reduce the multiplication of pathogenic agents or ensure the productivity of your animals.

We are true experts and we consider that only a global approach guarantees satisfactory, long-lasting efficiency to:

  • strengthen and secure the quality of your production

  • optimise your cleaning and disinfection methods

  • favour your energy and/or water savings

  • improve your economic performance

  • ensure the good health of your animals.

After identifying your needs and expectations with you we design a unique global solution, specific to your business and perfectly incorporated into your production or processing procedure. Our mutual objective is to optimise your performance.

Our teams’ expertise is based on field knowledge of your business, your expectations and constraints. We also have decision-making computer tools specific to HYPRED and adapted to the particular characteristics of your sector of activity. Each recommendation is reasoned and well-argued.

Our desire is to consider hygiene challenges as a consistent, effective whole.


A consultancy service in the true spirit of partnership

Our task does not stop with the implementation of a cleaning and disinfection protocol. Our teams are involved with you and provide you with advice in a true spirit of partnership.

This consultancy acts at various levels:

  • With regard to the cleaning protocol: you receive support directly on site from our local technical and commercial teams, experts in your business sector:

    • To select, adapt and develop your method of cleaning-disinfection

    • To resolve problems encountered in the production chain or on the farm.

  • With regard to regulations: we inform you about all regulatory developments. We make available to you all the essential information and documents concerning our hygiene solutions, the use of our products and safety measures.

  • With regard to nutritional supplementation: we recommend the nutritional supplements that will cover your animals depending on their physiology. We suggest a programme that is easy to implement to reinforce their health and optimise their performance.

Our ambition is to give you advice that corresponds to your expectations.


Train your teams for better management

Whether you are distributors, cleaning operators or service providers we endeavour to share our expertise and train you:

  • In the classroom whatever your sector of activity (agriculture, industry, catering, preparation laboratory, etc.) we put our expertise at your service

  • In just a few clicks on our E-Learning platform, which is now available to industrial clients, we make a practical, user-friendly interface available to your teams for training at your pace, in total independence.

The training objectives are adapted to your tasks:

  • understanding the challenges of hygiene or nutrition for better performance

  • developing your skills to ensure the efficacy of the protocols and programmes in place

  • controlling the risks linked to the use of chemicals, correctly using PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

  • knowing about perspectives in the hygiene or nutrition markets, and their competitive world

In addition, HYPRED makes tools available to you which reinforce the training every day: sheets on best practice, etc.

Our objective is to share our experience to increase your added value.

Analysis, support and regular monitoring

Analysis of parameters to control efficacy and regular monitoring for constant performance

There is more to this than setting up a cleaning and disinfection plan. It is crucial to check its efficacy regularly.

The challenge is not solely to diagnose and correct.

Temperature, mechanical action, concentration and contact time ... so many parameters assessed regularly to check adherence to good hygiene practices.

Our teams provide regular, meticulous monitoring which is essential for:

  • ensuring the continued high quality level of foodstuffs produced by farmers or processed by industrialists and catering professionals,

  • measuring the results provided by the recommended solutions,

  • anticipating production or processing incidents by regularly evaluating the correct application of cleaning and disinfection protocols.

Our task is to stand beside you in the constant search for performance.

We also consider that our commitment is to make available the expertise of our teams to identify the source of an incident (defective equipment, incorrect dose, unsatisfactory application of the cleaning and disinfection protocol, etc.) and to resolve it.

Our challenge is to anticipate, detect and improve.

Equipment and Robots

Whatever your field of activity we have an offer for equipment and robots which will enable you to be successful in your cleaning and disinfection actions.

The aim is to reduce the risk of error, optimise your consumptions and enable you to save time.

Our offers consist of global solutions: support, services, products, equipment and robots.