Why choose HYPRED?

Suitable innovative solutions

to guarantee your efficiency

Satisfying our customers with innovative, efficient solutions that improve their technical, technological and economic performance. This is the task of our Research and Development Department.

Anticipation and protection are the guidelines for the design of our solutions, incorporating the following objectives:

  • the regulatory context specific to each sector and each country.
  • the environmental and societal challenges
  • the specific characteristics of the professional fields
  • the characteristics specific to each market
  • the patentability of the formulations produced

Our Research & Development Department draws its strength from close collaboration with:

  • all the company’s support services: Regulatory Affairs, Marketing, Purchasing and Industrial Tools.
  • the sales teams who have perfect knowledge of the markets and our customers’ businesses through their experience in the field

HYPRED has dual R&D expertise

Through teams based in France and in Argentina





With our production unit devoted to nutritional supplementation in animals, close to pharmaceutical standards, our R&D team develops and industrialises these innovative solutions. Our unique expertise is based on:

  • The choice of water- or fat-soluble ingredients and the use of one of our specialities, “effervescence
  • The choice of pharmaceutical form, paste, emulsion, powder or solid elements (pastilles, boluses, tablets)
  • The use of manufacturing procedures, such as wet micro-granulation